We are honoured to be stockist of a wide range of different premium home interior brands. Amongst our favourite suppliers are Uniqwa Collections, Papaya Living, Globe West, Eadie Lifestyle and Baya Living.

Uniqwa Collections

Looking for organic, earthy, handmade furniture, wall décor and lighting with a unique difference? Then look no further than Uniqwa Collections.

Inspired by nature and artisanal craftmanship, Uniqwa Collectoins is a conscientious brand who craft beautiful natural pieces that fit any contemporary environment. 

Make your home a sanctuary, fill it with pieces that are thoughtful and naturally modern, unique, and comfortable. Enjoy simple design, superb craftsmanship and original furniture with Uniqwa Collections.

We have a wide range of stunning Uniqwa design and décor items on offer, and we can order from their complete catalogue. 

Here’s our favourite sofa, coffee and dining table to get you excited!


Simply Beautiful Living - A blend of raw materials and elegant simplicity of modern design. 

We are proud to be a Papaya Stockist. As a select stockist we supply and style the Papaya range of furniture and décor pieces to Surfcoast and surrounding regions. Papaya offer a broad range of distinctively inspired furniture and wares that have been created with sustainability and ethical values in mind. Working closely with artisans from around the globe, Papaya has curated an effortless inspiring range that is simple, elegant that continues to be innovative and timeless. Their focus on colour and texture celebrating nature and our surrounding environment are also in line with our own Jarvis + Jarvis Home’s considered style. 

Their extensive range of styles, including contemporary, modern, classic and retreat means you are sure to find the perfect item to match your preferred aesthetic. 

Here are some of our favourite pieces that we love and hope inspire you.

Baya Living

If you are seeking to infuse your home’s interior with an inviting and comforting ambience, we have the perfect brand for you to explore. Baya Living offers a place for relaxing, personal expression and connecting with others. 

Baya have designed a distinctive range that captures a braod range of interior taste and lifestyle represented in our customer base. Within their collection, you’ll find a diverse range of sumptious cushions, tactile throws and plush quality rugs. Not only luxe and lush, it is an accessible home furnishings brand for all. 

Here are some pieces from the Baya Living range that have captured our attention:

Tribe Home

We pride ourselves on aligning our brand with others that also firmly believe in social equity, recognizing a shared desire for all to thrive and prosper. By acquiring a Tribe Home rug, you not only adorn your interiors with magnificenc but also support the livlihoods of numerals individuals world wide. Tribe Home aim to preserve the art of handmade by offering a truly one of a kind appearance. No two rugs are alike, as they are maticulously inspected and individually sheared using scissors, every stitch and weave is rigourously checked, time devoted to bring about the perfect piece to be treasured for years to come.

“It has never been more apparent that rugs are an integral part of interior decoration. To imagine a room without a handmade rug is to imagine an empty soulless space that lacks character and warmth. A room with a rug encourages people to gather and feel comfortable in their surroundings. It encourages people to stay longer and linger. It is the secret ingredient that brings the whole interior scheme together.”

Tina Richards, Owner & Director. 

Feast your eyes on Tribe Home’s tactile range of rugs:

Eadie Lifestyle

Eadie Lifestyle is elegant in spirit, timeless in design and crafted slowly with love. A lifestyle brand that includes cushions, throws and apparel. As a stockist of their soft furnishings, we align with their values and appreciate their considered and environmentally friendly appraoch. Classic silhouettes, luxurious textures, and clean lines converge to create a truly distinctive offering. Each item in the Eadie range is unique and meticulously crafted to exact standards, specification and thread counts. From natural european lines to textural cotoon jacquards and exquisite velvet, Eadie Lifestyle fabrics exude unparalleled quality and craftmanship. Eadie Lifestyle,  provides our buyers with affordable luxury and uncompromised quality. We love that!

Indulge in some of our favourite Eadie Lifestyle range:


If you have a special piece you have been searching for and haven’t been able to find, please get in touch. We are experts at hunting down the exact thing you are looking for.