Heading Home 40 by Lauren Danger

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Welcome to Heading Home 40, the latest addition to the captivating Heading Home series—a  continuation of the previously acclaimed Home series by Artist Lauren Danger. In this exploration of landscapes, Lauren has delved into the realm of colour, infusing each piece with a distinctive vibrancy that evolves organically throughout the creation process.

The inspiration for this piece emanates from an abstract perspective looking north from one of the highest vantage points in The Otways, nestled between Ferguson and Beech Forest. The gentle undulation of hills and forest unfolds, leading to expansive plains in the distant background—a breathtaking panorama that awaits those who venture near Beech Forest, close to the renowned Otway Tree Top walk.

Crafted on a custom-made stretched canvas, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. The finishing touch is a float frame meticulously crafted from raw oak, adding a touch of sophistication to an already mesmerizing piece of art.

Embark on this visual journey with Heading Home 40, where every brushstroke tells a story, and every colour invites you to find your own interpretation of beauty.

About the Artist Lauren Danger: 

Meet Lauren, a talented artist hailing from Otway, Victoria, Australia, whose work is a vivid celebration of her deep-rooted connection to the stunning landscapes of the Great Ocean Road. Her art is a vibrant expression of the awe-inspiring beauty of Girai Wurrung, Gadubanud, and Wathaurong Country. Lauren’s abstract and expressionistic style, predominantly realized through acrylic on canvas, reflects the colourful landscapes and skies that have inspired her. Today, Lauren's artistic journey is intertwined with her role as a mother, and she finds profound gratitude in the balance between her art, family, and the support of her beloved furry companions.

Lauren's art serves as a vibrant mirror to the landscapes that have shaped her, inviting viewers to join her on this colourful and heartfelt artistic journey.

We are very proud to Stock Lauren Danger. This masterpiece is available to order in 100 cm x 100 cm with custom sizing available upon request. 

Dimension: Approx. 32 x 32 x 5 cm including frame

Materials: Acrylic on high quality, custom made stretched canvas, framed in raw oak.

Canvas and framed prints are made to order. Please allow 7-10 days for production.

Mirrors are ordered from a partner warehouse and can take up to 7 days to dispatch.

Jarvis + Jarvis Home ships framed prints and mirrors to all locations, Australia Wide for a flat fee of $19.95*.

We will communicate with you directly on estimated time of arrival once your artwork or mirror is ready for dispatch.

We use a variety of transport networks to keep freight costs as low as is possible.

Please note that delivery is to your front door or post box. If you are not home, our delivery partner will typically leave your item in a secure location out of the weather. They may also leave a calling card if the delivery location is not suitable.

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*Large quantities or orders from remote regional locations may require additional cost due to logistics, and may experience some minor delivery delays.

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